WOW. Look your best

WOW! I look…Fantastic! Amazing! Younger! Thinner! Hotter! Just the way I imagined! Finish the sentence I look… and tell us how good you feel about yourself now that you’ve had whatever procedure you came in to have. We love to hear from our patients because, after all, what we do is for you.


You haven’t talked with us yet about fixing what bothers you? We have one question:

Why are you waiting?

The most common reasons people put off even talking with us about what bothers them about their face or body, are:

  • Embarrassment: They are insecure to admit their flaws. Please know that anything and everything you tell us is confidential. We pride ourselves on providing you with honest answers about what is and, of equal importance, is not possible in helping you reach your goal.
  • Time: They just don’t have the time to recover from some “big” surgical procedure. Not all our services are surgical. Many of the nonsurgical procedures we perform, such as CoolSculpting, fillers and injectables, have virtually no downtime. And, our minimally-invasive procedures, such as InstaLift, have you looking amazing in just a day or so.
    Now, let’s address the surgical issue. It’s not what it used to be. We perform most procedures in the day surgery center; patients go home within hours of their procedure. Within a few days, they are often back to their normal lives, albeit a slightly restricted activity schedule. We’ve even had patients fly home two days after surgical procedures and back to their regular routines within a week.
  • Pain: They don’t want to hurt. Please know that we:
    • Use the latest techniques to minimize pain and discomfort, whether patients are having in-office procedures or surgery.
    • Combine therapies to minimize and, in most cases, eliminate the need for narcotics after surgery.
    • Prescribe medications, as appropriate, to keep patients as comfortable as possible.
  • Money: They don’t think they can afford the procedure they want. Please speak with us. We offer several financing options, if you desire. And, of course, we accept all credit cards.


There’s no time like the present. Schedule a confidential consultation and let’s put together a customized plan for you. Call us at 312.757.4505 or send us an email at


Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, our offices are a warm, friendly and comfortable place to share your wants, needs and concerns.

Lawrence Iteld, MD