reasons you may want a tummy tuck revision. Talk with us at Iteld Plastic Surgery, Chicago

You had a tummy tuck and now you’re not that happy with the results. Whether it was recently or a while ago, you’ve gained or lost weight since then, had another pregnancy, or are just unhappy, it may be time to consider a tummy tuck revision. Here are the main reasons patients often come to me for their tummy tuck revision:

I hate my scar

Healing plays a big role in how patients’ scar look. Although surgeons use various approaches to minimize scars, that doesn’t mean yours looks good. Thickening can occur, as well as the scar’s positioning may not appear aesthetically pleasing.

My belly button is weird

I’ve seen all sorts of sizes and shapes to people’s belly buttons after a tummy tuck. Some become very small; others get elongated and look like slots; still others have uneven scarring.

I still have bulges

Bulges aren’t uncommon. There are several reasons they occur, including areas that may still have some fat deposits if the tummy tuck did not include lipo; dog-ears where there is extra skin at the ends of the scar; and when the patient’s skin becomes more lax than anticipated.

I don’t like the way my stomach looks

Some patients can’t describe what exactly bothers them other than to say they don’t like the way their stomach looks. From a medical perspective, it’s usually a function of how much skin was removed, and the way the abdominal wall muscles were sutured above the belly button.

Ready to talk about a tummy tuck revision?

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Lawrence Iteld, MD