Transgender Surgery


Let Your Face and Body Reflect Who You Are with Help from Chicago’s Lawrence Iteld, MD

When you look in the mirror, do you see you? Or do you see an image that doesn’t truly reflect who you are? If you want the physical characteristics of your face and body to match more closely with your actual identity, you may want to consider transgender surgery at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery.

Lawrence Iteld, MD, works with each patient—whether transitioning male-to-female, female-to-male, non-binary, or non-confirming—to help their outside appear the way they want, the way they feel most accurately reveals their true, inner self. Certain angles and contours of the face and body are considered to be more feminine, while others are more traditionally masculine. Dr. Iteld will begin any partnership on a journey of transformation with a private consultation to discuss what options are available and what the ultimate aesthetic goal is. Note that he performs facial surgery and top surgery, but not bottom surgery.

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Female-to-Male Transgender Surgery

Dr. Iteld offers cosmetic mastectomy, which removes the breast tissue and excess skin for a flatter chest. Of course, this procedure involves more than just excision. He also contours the area so that it looks as natural as possible and recreates the nipple in a more masculine shape and size.

To create more masculine facial contours, Dr. Iteld can bring more definition to the jawline and create facial proportions more associated with male characteristics. This generally includes a stronger nose, jawline, and chin for an angular look.

Male-to-Female Transgender Surgery

On the chest, Dr Iteld can build breasts by creating pockets in the existing tissue to hold implants, transferring fat taken from elsewhere on the body, or both. The main goal here is to add volume for a natural-looking silhouette.

To create more feminine facial contours, Dr. Iteld can soften the jawline for a rounder, gentler curve more common to traditionally female faces and can reshape the nose to create a more delicate shape and smaller size.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Lawrence Iteld, MD, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a highly regarded Chicago based plastic surgeon, receiving awards from Chicago Magazine's Top Docs, and Castle Connolly Top Doctors®.

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Transgender Surgery Details

Dr. Iteld understands that while culture and society assign masculine and feminine labels to certain traits and proportions, physically presenting as a man or woman is about more than long eyelashes or a square jaw. Transgender surgery is not about caricature or paying lip service to specific definitions and beliefs of what a person should look like based on their gender. It is about allowing you to express yourself and be seen the way you want to be seen, to be your genuine self every day.

To that end, transgender surgery can be a very sensitive topic for many people. Dr. Iteld maintains discretion and privacy for all of his patients, from consultation to completion of the surgery and beyond—not because there is anything to hide or be ashamed of, but because it is up to each patient to determine how they want to share themselves with the world.

No matter the details of the surgery itself, Dr. Iteld will employ techniques he personally developed to make recovery manageable without the need for pain-killing opioids. You should be enjoying your new contours—and the freedom of expression they allow you—as soon as possible, not worrying about taking pills.

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* Results will vary from patient to patient. No guarantees about an individual’s result can or should be made based on information provided here.

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