Chicago skyline from Lake MichiganWe have patients who visit from all over the world; and we understand how important it is to be prepared when traveling for any procedure. That’s why we make it very easy for you to come to Chicago for your procedure. Check out our informational page, which reviews the steps.

Getting Ready

You’ve completed the first steps by having your virtual consultation and completing all your paperwork online. We’re excited you’ll be coming to here, meeting us in person, and trusting us with your surgical, minimally invasive, and nonsurgical needs.

Travel Tips

Here are a few travel tips:

  1. Plan well. Before you come to Chicago, let us know about your travel plans and the arrangements you’ve made for your aftercare. If you need help finding and setting up hotels, car or nursing services, or just have questions about the area, we are here to help.
  2. Don’t go it alone. Bring a friend or a loved one with you when you travel for surgery. This person can provide support during your recovery, and give you a familiar face in a new area. You won’t be able to drive after surgery and you will have difficulty getting around for the first couple days of recovery, so this person will be able to help you with all that. If you can’t bring someone with you, we will help make arrangements with a home healthcare nursing service for you.
  3. Arrive early. We strongly recommend you arrive at least two days before your surgery so you have time to rest up, have your pre-surgery appointment, and complete the final paperwork. This will prevent the need to postpone your surgery due to any problems with consent.
  4. Keep hydrated. Traveling disrupts your normal routine, which can lead to dehydration. It’s important to be well hydrated. We recommend drinking at least two liters of water or Gatorade each day for at least three days before surgery. This will also help with your recovery.
  5. Stay flexible. Your procedure and recovery should be your top priority, so be sure to allow plenty of time to rest and recover. Check with us beforehand about how long you should stay in Chicago following your procedure. This may change based on how quickly you are ready to travel.

After you go home, make sure to maintain contact with us. We care about your well-being long after you’ve walked out of our office.

Considering traveling for plastic surgery?

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Lawrence Iteld, MD