Surgical Facilities

See Where Dr. Iteld Has Surgical Privileges In Chicago

No matter where you live in the Chicago area, you are likely relatively close to a surgical facility where Dr. Iteld has privileges. His close relationships with numerous centers represent a testament to his skill and reputation, as well as a matter of convenience for the women and men who choose him for their cosmetic surgeries.

Learn more about the surgical facilities available to patients of board-certified plastic surgeon Lawrence Iteld, MD. Send a message online or call 312.757.4505.

900 North Michigan Surgical Center

60 East Delaware Place, 15th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60611
Conveniently located in the 900 North Michigan Avenue Building, home to Chicago’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

836 W Wellington Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Presence Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago

2900 N Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60657

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