Breast Reduction

Lose the Uncomfortable Weight at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

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Lose the Uncomfortable Weight at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

Overly large breasts can be the cause of a multitude of challenges, which makes breast reduction at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery a literal relief for some women. The weight of excess breast tissue can impair your ability to lead an active life and find clothes that fit properly or in a flattering way, and can be the source of neck and back pain, headaches, and other discomforts. Heavy breasts can also cause bra straps to be pulled tight against the skin, leading to friction and uncomfortable red marks and even indentations.

Large breasts may appear disproportionate to the rest of the body. On top of that, many women find the emotional discomfort and self-consciousness often associated with having large breasts are as important as the physical discomfort and pain. In these cases, exercise and support bras usually don’t offer much relief. The best solution may be breast reduction.

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Breast reduction is a highly individualized procedure. Even if you’re quite sure you want to get something off your chest that’s been bothering you for some time, it’s important you discuss with us the overall look you’re trying to achieve before deciding on breast reduction. Our aim is to give you natural-looking results that are in proportion to your body—results that may be possible with a breast reduction alone, or that may require something more or different.

How Breast Reduction Works

Put simply, breast reduction is making breasts smaller by removing and reshaping a combination of skin, breast tissue, and fat. The goal is to maximize symmetry, and the procedure also has the added benefit of lifting and tightening the remaining skin. The nipples and areolas may be repositioned and frequently reduced in diameter to remain proportional with the new smaller breast size.

There are several techniques that may be employed depending on the amount of volume to be removed and the desired final result. Breast reduction is among the highest success and satisfaction rates for all cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Iteld will go over the specifics with each breast reduction patient at a personalized consultation. During this meeting, you will discuss your complete medical history, including any previous surgeries you have had, and talk about your desired end result.

For the surgery itself, Dr. Iteld will make any necessary incisions as inconspicuous as possible, using advanced techniques to promote healing and a beautiful result.

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MeetLawrence Iteld, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
RealSelf VERIFIED doctor

Lawrence Iteld, MD, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a highly regarded Chicago based plastic surgeon, receiving awards from Chicago Magazine’s Top Docs, and Castle Connolly Top Doctors®.

Iteld Plastic Surgery - Dr. Iteld

Meet Lawrence Iteld, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
RealSelf VERIFIED doctor

Iteld Plastic Surgery - Dr. Iteld

Lawrence Iteld, MD, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a highly regarded Chicago based plastic surgeon, receiving awards from Chicago Magazine’s Top Docs, and Castle Connolly Top Doctors®.


Breast Reduction FAQs

Before breast reduction surgery, Dr. Iteld will work with you to be sure you are fully aware of all the details, including cost and possible risks. Inform him and his team about any medications you’re currently taking, especially blood thinners, such as aspirin.

As with other types of breast procedures, patients should organize and prepare their home so that they can rest peacefully during their recovery. It makes sense to shop beforehand for everything that will be needed, such as washcloths, towels, and comfortable clothes—and don’t forget to make sure they are easily accessible! No high shelves! Have a friend or relative pick you up after your breast reduction procedure and stay over overnight to help you as needed.

Aside from a newfound feeling of lightness and comfort? Clothes fitting better? The realization that your body reflects the image you want to present to the world? Breast reduction patients can expect some swelling and related reactions in the days and weeks after their surgery, but these effects are temporary and will give way to breasts that are smaller, more lifted, and natural looking.

It’s normal to feel tired and uncomfortable, and it generally takes at least a week or two before you’ll feel totally ready to return to your normal activities. Patients who are in a healthy physical condition usually heal well.

After placing so much time and effort into preparing for your breast reduction, you certainly won’t want to cause complications or damage before they are fully healed.

Follow Dr. Iteld’s specific protocol for wound care, diet, and other aspects of recovery. While the body heals, you shouldn’t engage in any intense physical activity, such as lifting heavy weights. In other words, don’t schedule this surgery to happen just before you leave to compete in the Olympics—or maybe just before a big move, marathon, or similarly taxing endeavor. If you overdo physical exercise during recovery from a breast reduction, the exertion can lead to bleeding and ruptures, which can make the breasts and scars look worse.

Also, avoid underwire bras. You’ll need a well-fitting, supportive bra that doesn’t irritate the skin and helps the breasts adjust to their new shape during the following months.

Finally: Attend any and all follow-up appointments!

Due to aging, gravity, weight fluctuations, skin damage, and hormonal changes, your breasts are likely to continue to change slightly after your breast reduction surgery. While this may not be completely avoidable, maintaining a stable, healthy body weight can help to keep the breasts firm and as close to your ideal post-surgical size and shape as possible. Workouts that target the pectoral muscles are also believed to reduce sagging. Additionally, sun damage and smoking both weaken the skin and ligaments that support the breasts. If deflation or drooping becomes a problem in the future, a breast lift can restore a perkier, more youthful appearance.

When it comes to surgery, Dr. Iteld believes narcotics-free strategies are ideal—and breast reduction is no exception. His focus on surgical techniques performed not just with results in mind, but also an emphasis on a smooth recovery, means you can be confident in your ability to heal without turning to opioids just to get through the day. The techniques also work for augmentation, lifts, and other breast procedures, as well as tummy tucks, liposuction, and more.

Any woman who is tired of carrying the weight of heavy breasts around with her—as well as the emotional burden they can cause—may be a good candidate for breast reduction. As large breasts can become heavier with time, it makes sense to treat this concern early rather than putting it off.

Since weight changes can affect your result, it’s important that you’re at a stable weight before having the procedure. Patients should be in general good health and maintain realistic expectations. It’s better to wait until after you’re finished having children or losing weight to have a breast reduction, since kids change your life— including your body. Patients who are obese, have serious health problems, are smokers, and wish to avoid any scars on the breast areas are usually not good candidates for breast reduction.

Note: In some cases, breast reduction surgery may be covered by health insurance. Our patient coordinators will work with you prior to and after your consultations regarding financial planning, including contacting your insurance company to determine if your procedure is covered.

If you have questions specific to your own situation, schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Iteld to discuss them.

For women at the opposite end of the sizing scale, breast augmentation is a popular choice for adding volume. For changing the position of the breasts on the chest (not their size) a breast lift is a popular choice—and it can be paired with augmentation or breast reduction. Any of these surgeries may also be part of a Mommy Makeover.