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Rebuild Your Breast Mound at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

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Rebuild Your Breast Mound at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

One in nine women will develop a mass in her breast at some time in her life. If this mass is cancerous, removal of some or all of the breast tissue may be required to treat the cancer. While necessary, lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery can leave a women with contour irregularities or the loss of a breast. Women dealing with any such surgery may want to consider breast reconstruction at the Chicago area’s Iteld Plastic Surgery.

Every breast surgery is personalized and carefully planned, but Lawrence Iteld, MD, takes particular care with breast reconstruction surgery, working with other doctors as necessary to coordinate cosmetic results with vital medical procedures. Since there are many reasons a woman may need reconstruction of one or both breasts, there are many different potential strategies Dr. Iteld may employ. The surgery could involve using a patient’s own existing tissue. It may include the insertion of an implant on the right, left, or both sides. It may require a combination of techniques in order to get as natural-looking a profile as possible.

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How Breast Reconstruction Works

Surgery specifics depend on the defect to be repaired. Small areas where a lumpectomy occurred may require only fat transfer breast augmentation to replace the missing volume. This involves Dr. Iteld removing fat from a donor area elsewhere on the body, refining it, and injecting it in just the right locations to even out any contour irregularities.

In cases where more significant tissue has been removed, Dr. Iteld may combine a breast reduction with a breast lift to keep the breasts round, proportional, and natural looking. Both of these procedures involve the removal of more tissue, but there is a specific cosmetic reason for this. Taking away a certain amount of skin in the right places can cause the breasts to sit higher on the chest. Other slight reductions in volume may be necessary to ensure a look of symmetry.

In some cases, the cosmetic reconstructive portions of a lumpectomy can happen at the same time as the medical surgery performed to remove the cancerous cells.

With tissue being removed and implants or fat cells being added in, expect there to be one or more incisions that will then need to be closed. Dr. Iteld always works to both minimize and camouflage any resulting scars.

In some cases, when a significant amount of volume is needed to rebuild the breast, Dr. Iteld may create a pocket for the insertion of an implant in one or both breasts. Another option may be rebuilding the entire breast using tissues from the lower abdomen, back, or buttock. Again, the ultimate goal is a natural, symmetrical, beautiful look.

No one will ever be able to perfectly re-create your original breasts, but Dr. Iteld will get as close as he can, giving you a look that will allow you to celebrate moving forward in life with confidence.

MeetLawrence Iteld, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
RealSelf VERIFIED doctor

Lawrence Iteld, MD, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a highly regarded Chicago based plastic surgeon, receiving awards from Chicago Magazine’s Top Docs, and Castle Connolly Top Doctors®.

Iteld Plastic Surgery - Dr. Iteld

Meet Lawrence Iteld, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
RealSelf VERIFIED doctor

Iteld Plastic Surgery - Dr. Iteld

Lawrence Iteld, MD, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and a highly regarded Chicago based plastic surgeon, receiving awards from Chicago Magazine’s Top Docs, and Castle Connolly Top Doctors®.


Breast Reconstruction FAQs

Breasts that have been lifted, reduced, or augmented will likely feel tender for days or weeks after the procedure, and will show some swelling and bruising. All of these sensations and signs of breast reconstruction surgery should resolve naturally.

Dr. Iteld will work with your primary care physician or specialist to determine your suitability for breast reconstruction. Each patient is different, with variables that include the original size and shape of the breasts to be reconstructed, the degree of trauma or tissue removed in surgery, and the desired final result. Before any final decisions are made, your options will be presented to you and thoroughly discussed.

The issues that lead you to need breast reconstruction are worrisome enough. You don’t need a painful recovery and the associated opioids to worry about, too. Dr. Iteld has developed his narcotics-free surgical technique with patients in mind, giving them peace of mind when it comes to their downtime after their procedure. By working to stop the need for pain management before it starts, he can improve recovery times and results.

Breast augmentation, tummy tucks, body lifts—all of these and more can be performed in a way that lets you avoid narcotics in the weeks after your surgery.

Similar to breast reconstruction, breast revision is designed to help a woman achieve the visual results she wants, but in this case, the surgery corrects problems due to a prior cosmetic surgery.

Anyone with questions about reconstruction—or breast surgery in general—is invited to contact Dr. Iteld and his team to learn more.

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10 Things You Should Know About Life With Breast Implants

Whether you’ve already had surgery, had a consultation, or are still thinking about breast implants, we have a resource for you. Attached is Living With Breast Implants, a brochure to help you navigate breast health milestones, lifestyle changes, and other topics of interest associated with breast implants. Inside the brochure you’ll find:

  • Room to record your plastic surgeon’s contact information and implant model serial numbers
  • “Are you wearing the right bra size?” quiz
  • Exercise recommendations
  • A list of potential implant-related conditions
  • A guide to routine MRIs and follow-up visits
  • And much more!

As always, please call our office to speak with a plastic surgeon if you have any questions.