Skin Care Products


Get Quality Products to Apply at Home from Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

You don’t live in the Iteld Plastic Surgery offices—and you wouldn’t want to. It’s too busy during the day, and there’s no great place to settle in for a bubble bath at night. That means you spend the vast majority of your life elsewhere, not getting skin care treatments from our experienced team. That doesn’t mean you can’t look your best when you’re not with us, however! With skin care products from our Chicago-based practice, you can put your ongoing efforts to maintain and improve your appearance in the hands of the person who spends the most time caring for your skin: You.

While we excel at rejuvenating microneedling treatments and chemical peels, you can excel at applying high-quality skin care products from top brands like Alastin and VI DERM at home. We also offer Latisse®, a prescription treatment for thickening and lengthening eyelashes. A proper skincare routine can complement and enhance your results from a visit to Iteld Plastic Surgery, as well as add a little something “extra” to your confidence each day.

Schedule your consultation online today to get started on building an at-home regiment with high-quality skin care products from Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery, or call 312.757.4505.

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