Chemical Peels


Remove Dull, Dry, and Dead Skin Cells for a Radiant Glow at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

Everything dulls over time, and your facial skin is no exception. Despite a natural turnover process, it’s common to develop a build-up of dead cells on the surface—especially as you add candles to your birthday cake. Chemical peels at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery are an ideal answer to this age-old problem: By removing the layer of dry and flaking cells, along with oils and debris that accumulate there as well, this skin care treatment exposes more youthful skin. It also prompts the production of beneficial collagen and encourages nourishing blood circulation near the surface.

We use VI Peels, which are medical-grade “medium-depth” chemical peels. That means they penetrate a bit below the surface to trigger exfoliation that tackles a range of cosmetic problems, including texture and tone irregularities, spots, some scarring, and more. The result is a more even surface and radiant glow you’ll want to show off—which you can shortly after your session, since only minimal recovery is required with this type of peel.

Schedule your consultation online today to get started on chemical peels at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery, or call 312.757.4505.
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