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Smooth Skin with Radiofrequency Energy at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

Good things come in threes, and your skin is no exception. A healthy, youthful look is thanks to the presence of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Unfortunately, good things (at least these good things) also tend to diminish over time, leading to the development of wrinkles and sagging. At the same time, connective bands beneath the skin can pull it down to form little puckers known as cellulite. Get skin-smoothing levels of that heroic trio of molecules back in your skin with Profound wrinkle and cellulite treatment at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery.

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How Does Profound Wrinkle and Cellulite Treatment Work?

Here’s a very brief lesson in the science of skin: Collagen makes skin strong but flexible so that it holds its shape. Hyaluronic acid binds to water to keep skin hydrated and pliable. Elastin gives skin its ability to be pulled or pushed into folds, then “bounce back” to the way it looked before. Age, sun exposure, pollution, and other harsh stuff in the environment make these molecules break down. Carefully directed energy—like, say, radiofrequency from the Profound device—gets production going again.

Profound uses a multitude of microneedles that are inserted into the skin to deliver the radiofrequency energy into deeper layers. This energy translates into heat, which has a variety of benefits.

In the face, the heat causes existing collagen to remodel for a smoother look, starts a process known as neocollagenesis and neo-elastogenesis, and encourages your body to create more hyaluronic acid. These various elements work together to rebuild a strong dermal matrix, which means less-noticeable wrinkles and tighter contours.

On the thighs and buttocks, the heat impacts thin bands known as septae, which run from the uppermost layer of skin to layers below. As these bands pull tighter, they create the telltale dimples of cellulite, so relieving that tension with a Profound cellulite treatment makes the skin above appear flatter and smoother.

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What Can I Expect After a Profound Wrinkle and Cellulite Treatment?

Because Profound wrinkle and cellulite treatment involves the insertion of tiny needles, there may be some post-session swelling in the targeted area. There’s no need to take any downtime for recuperation, however. The procedure is most commonly performed in the office with little to no discomfort using only local anesthetic numbing.

Generating new collagen and other vital elements takes time, but the wait is worth it. In the weeks and months after a Profound wrinkle and cellulite treatment, you should see your skin continually improve.

Am I a Good Candidate for Profound Wrinkle and Cellulite Treatment in Chicago?

No surprises here: Adults with sagging skin, age-related wrinkles, and dimpled thighs are the ideal candidates for a Profound wrinkle and cellulite treatment. The treatment’s manufacturer, Candela®, has reported that they estimate there are about 18 million people who are concerned with jawline contours and a turkey neck, but who want a nonsurgical solution to the cosmetic problem. If you are considering this treatment, you are in good company.


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What Complements a Profound Wrinkle and Cellulite Treatment?

The stubborn fat of a double chin requires treatment of its own, which can happen via temperature-dropping CoolSculpting®, injectable Kybella®, or even surgical liposuction.

Facial wrinkles related to muscle activity also have a unique solution in the form of BOTOX®, an injectable to relax contractions for a smoother look.

The effects of many treatments can be combined for an overall rejuvenated appearance. Talk to Dr. Lawrence Iteld and his team to discover which may be right for you.

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