BodyTite, FaceTite, AccuTite & Morpheus8

Reduce Fat and Tighten Skin at the Same Time at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

You know how a stretched-out sweater can look baggy and sloppy instead of trim and form-fitting? Your skin is the same way. Effective body contouring involves removing unwanted fat, but in some cases, the skin left behind fails to contract, appearing deflated and flabby instead. BodyTite at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery is a nonsurgical solution to this problem, using radiofrequency energy to simultaneously “melt” fat and tighten the moderately lax overlying skin.


The technical term for this procedure is radio-frequency assisted lipolysis. This minimally invasive technology not only powers BodyTite, but also FaceTite for contouring the face and neck, and AccuTite for precision work in small areas. Iteld Plastic Surgery offers all three options for patients who want to contour their face or body without the incisions or “long scars” associated with tucks.

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How Does BodyTite Work?

BodyTite device has two parts. A single prong is inserted into the treatment area though a tiny incision, where it heats to almost 160 degrees F. This volumetric heating is enough to melt some of the fat and, more importantly, shrink the network of connective tissues between the skin and muscles. At the same time, a small panel moves along the surface of the skin to keep the non-targeted tissues cool, about 100 degrees F, which is just above body temperature. Together, this inside-outside controlled heating leads to tightening of the skin in a very safe and controlled manner.

In the weeks following a BodyTite session, your body will process the liquefied fat for a noticeable reduction in volume. Heat-stimulated collagen production and skin contraction will further improve the look by tightening sagging tissue with final results visible at six months.

In conjunction with the BodyTite system, many patients will benefit from Morpheus RF treatments. Morpheus works with the same radio-frequency technology to treat the more superficial layers of the skin by using tiny needles to deliver the heat needed to stimulate contraction. Patients have very little downtime with only some mild redness that resolves in 24 to 48 hours. Depending on each person’s skin, we can adjust the depth of treatment for maximal results. A series of treatments is recommended for best outcomes.

Who Is a Good Candidate for BodyTite?

Ideal BodyTite patients are women and men we would consider to be “tweeners.” That means they have some need for tightening, but not to the level of a surgical procedure, such as a facelift or tummy tuck. In other words, BodyTite works well to refine contours and deal with isolated problem areas. It is also a great option for people who want an arm or thigh lift without the scars. People seeking more dramatic changes or with severe sagging and skin excess are encouraged to discuss their goals with plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Iteld.

BodyTite can also be used in conjunction with surgical procedures to maximize results. Men with gynecomastia, for example, find that BodyTite works well to generate greater definition. It can also complement liposuction by further customizing the effects of the surgery.


Imagine marrying microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy. That’s what Morpheus8 does. It’s a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that uses tiny needles to deliver the RF energy deep into your skin. It comfortably penetrates the skin at a deeper level than other needling treatments.

Morpheus8 treatment stimulates collagen production to tighten and smooth wrinkles on the face and body. It’s a great choice for a wide range of concerns including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, tightening lax skin, smoothing out rough or uneven skin texture, and more.

Are There Other Options for Contouring?

Dr. Lawrence Iteld believes in tailoring the procedure or treatment to the patient. That means while BodyTite might be the best option for some people, others may respond better to surgery or a different nonsurgical solution.

Post-massive weight loss surgery is made up of a variety of lifts appropriate for anyone who has successfully shed significant pounds and is dealing with excess skin all over their body. Kybella®, on the other hand, is an injectable designed to address a cosmetic problem in a specific area: the double chin. Iteld Plastic Surgery also offers CoolSculpting® for noninvasive fat reduction via freezing, as well as Profound skin tightening for cellulite and wrinkles.

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