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We may have put the whole “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” thing to bed, but in truth, there are differences between the two. A man’s skin is typically different from a woman’s at a fundamental level. Bone and muscle density are different, too. While this doesn’t impact who can do stuff like run for president, it does influence our approach to cosmetic treatments and procedures. Facial improvements for men at Iteld Plastic Surgery are simply not the same as those for women.

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What Do Facial Improvements for Men Involve?

There are two sides to facial improvements for men at Iteld Plastic Surgery: nonsurgical and surgical. Each has a specific role and purpose.

Nonsurgical Facial Improvements

Nonsurgical treatments tend to focus on skin texture and tone, as well as some contouring. Injectables smooth out wrinkles and folds, with BOTOX® relaxing muscles that create crow’s feet and frown lines, and dermal fillers adding a little bit of volume to the skin to reduce the appearance of those parentheses that develop next to your mouth and nose. Dosing varies from person to person, with men frequently requiring more of a product in order to get results.

To correct signs of aging, many patients choose eTwo skin rejuvenation or Sublative® or Sublime, each of which can improve complexion by treating tonal irregularities and fine lines.

Other nonsurgical facial improvements available at Iteld Plastic Surgery include Kybella® injections to shrink a double chin and  CoolSculpting® to chill pockets of unwanted fat cells at the neck.

According to professional studies, these treatments and more are on the rise among men in the United States. This isn’t your father’s job market or dating scene, which means you also don’t have to accept the lines, spots, and jowls your dad wears with what may be pride.


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Surgical Facial Improvements

Nonsurgical facial improvements tend to be temporary, subtle, or both. Patients who want more dramatic and/or lasting results may opt for surgery, which focuses on contours as opposed to skin tone and texture.

The facelift is the most commonly chosen surgery to counter the downward migration of fat, skin, and other tissues over time. This procedure alters contours on the lower portion of the face, so other options are required to address sagging and drooping higher up. A brow lift can fix a heavy, Neanderthal look, while blepharoplasty lifts the upper lids, lower lids, or both as necessary. Finally, many men consider a rhinoplasty to get a nose that is masculine without hogging the spotlight that should shine on the entire face.

Are There Options Aside from Facial Improvements for Men?

When it comes to slimming down below the neck, body contouring surgery is the way to go. There are also nonsurgical procedures for men that yield excellent results. The choice is truly yours, which is why Dr. Iteld works with each patient seeking uniquely masculine results to ensure he is fully informed about his options before he chooses how to proceed.

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* Results will vary from patient to patient. No guarantees about an individual’s result can or should be made based on information provided here.

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