Breast Lift

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I wanted reduction. After all, 32G isn’t a real size, is it?! Dr. Iteld explained that just reduction wouldn’t solve all my issues; I needed a lift too. WOW! What! What a difference. Clothing fits. I wear comfortable bralettes and look great in proper sized tops. And, no hanging low. I should have had him do these procedures years ago! What a great and compassionate surgeon. Thanks, Dr. Iteld!
Breast Reduction and Lift Patient*

As gravity takes over, breasts begin to sag. Add in skin changes, weight gain or loss, a pregnancy or two, and it’s no surprise women notice and become unhappy with the way their breasts look as the years pass.

A breast lift is the only way to reposition the breasts. The goal is to elevate the nipple and areola higher on the breast mound and to tighten any loose skin, giving a fuller and more youthful appearance.

Before deciding on a breast lift, it’s important that you discuss with us the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Our aim is to give you natural-looking results that are in proportion to your body. If you have lost volume in the breasts, we might recommend a breast augmentation in conjunction with a breast lift. Since weight changes can, in some cases, affect your result, it’s important that you’re at a stable weight before having any procedure.

Is a breast lift right for you?

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