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I lost over 75 pounds after I graduated from college and never regained skin tightness in my abdomen. My genetics also put what fat I did have left in concentrated ares in my lower back. So, despite keeping a healthy and athletic lifestyle, I didn’t fully look it. This weighed on myself esteem for nearly a decade. Needless to say, I’d long contemplated a surgical solution. But even after electing a mini tummy tuck and liposuction with Dr. Iteld, I was still apprehensive. “Will I be happy with how I look? Will this be enough?” These questions and others floated through my mind as the day of surgery approached. Today, I am just one-week post-op, but can already tell that the changes to my shape will be life changing. I have appreciated Dr. Iteld’s good and warm nature, his candor in what he can (and can’t) do, and more importantly, his tremendous and apparent skill — both as a cosmetic surgeon who reshapes the body, but also a medical professional who is committed to providing the highest care to his patients. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Iteld. I’m glad I placed my trust in him.
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Sometimes all the exercise and dieting in the world can’t get rid of the tummy pouch that may be the result of pregnancy or a lifetime of weight fluctuations. The body changes that a woman experiences to her midsection with one pregnancy, much less multiple pregnancies, can cause sagging skin, stretch marks and muscle separation in the abdominal area.

But a tummy tuck is not only for postpartum women, or just women, for that matter. A tummy tuck is a great way to improve the appearance of excess abdominal fat, skin and tissue in healthy adults. Individual conditions of the abdomen vary, and for that reason, we use a variety of tummy tucking techniques to help you achieve a flatter, trimmer waistline.

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Keep in mind that although the results from a tummy tuck are long term, weight loss or gain and subsequent pregnancy can affect your results.

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*Results will vary from patient to patient. No guarantees about an individual’s result can or should be made based on information provided here.

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