Body Contouring

Thank you for always listening to my concerns and being patient with me. Dr Iteld is a superb surgeon and the staff is always there to listen and answer questions.
Surgical Patient*
You work out. You eat right. Yet there are those problem areas that all the exercise and dieting won’t fix. Or, there are areas that have never been in harmony with the rest of your body and you’d like to achieve a better overall balanced look. Whether your issues are due to pregnancies, weight loss, genetic issues, or other concerns, we offer many solutions to improve problem areas, including:

Peri-Operative Strategy:

Our goal is to maximize the patient experience from initial contact to long term follow-up. A major component is the time around surgical procedures. For many patients, this is a period of unknowns.

Please know that our patient coordinators will be by your side, guiding you through the process. Maximizing your comfort, and speed your return to normal activities is extremely important. We take great pride in using tried and true techniques, along with the newest pharmacological and technological modalities to obtain the best results.

We encourage you to express any concerns you may have before surgery so we can attend to your individual needs.

*Results will vary from patient to patient. No guarantees about an individual’s result can or should be made based on information provided here.