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The line “Dude looks like a lady” may have been gold for Aerosmith, but it is not something many guys want sung about them, personally. That’s why body contouring for men by Chicago plastic surgeon Lawrence Iteld, MD, is different from body contouring for women. The underlying medical principals may be the same—removing fat here and excess skin there—but the techniques and details are carefully chosen to produce uniquely masculine results.

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What Does Body Contouring for Men Involve?

Every guy is different, so there is no single way to approach body contouring for men. One may want to emphasize those abs he’s worked so hard to develop, while another may want to get rid of the sagging breasts he sees each time he looks in the mirror due to a condition known as gynecomastia.

To that end, body contouring for men can involve as little as a single procedure or as much as multiple surgeries combined for shaping the entire body post-massive weight loss.

One of the most commonly chosen body contouring procedures is liposuction, which allows Dr. Iteld to suction out stubborn fat cells from areas where they collect. We’re talking the belly, the flanks, a double chin—anywhere you want to look chiseled, angular, or lean as opposed to soft and bulging.


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If more than fat is a problem on the abdomen, Dr. Iteld can perform a tummy tuck, which gets rid of loose skin and repairs the internal abdominal wall as necessary. That’s something even a year of sit-ups might not be able to fix. Don’t get us wrong: Exercise is still an excellent idea. Develop that core, work up a sweat, and get that heart pumping for the good of your long-term health. Just don’t be surprised if you can’t find your six-pack under a layer of sagging tissue.

Breast reduction is ideal for any man who wants a chest free from what his buddies may refer to as “man boobs”—if they’re feeling charitable. There are worse nicknames, and we probably don’t have to spell them out for you. That’s what friends are for. This body contouring surgery can involve the removal of fat and other tissue to reveal more masculine contours—and shut those friends up.

Dr. Iteld can tackle any of these body contouring surgeries (and more) with a narcotics-free recovery in mind. It’s not that you have to maintain a manly “I can handle the pain” attitude; it’s that Dr. Iteld has spent years developing a technique that prevents a painful recovery in the first place, and he’s really, really good at it.

*Results may vary from person to person
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Are There Options Aside from Surgical Body Contouring for Men?

Iteld Plastic Surgery offers a range of nonsurgical procedures for men who want to avoid the downtime required by surgery. There are also numerous possible facial improvements so the stuff above the neck can match the stuff below in terms of a look of youth, health, and vitality.

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* Results will vary from patient to patient. No guarantees about an individual’s result can or should be made based on information provided here.

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