The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published an important discussion about whether saline breast injections are safe.

A quick way to temporarily expand one’s breast size, saline injections are a newer method of breast augmentation that is awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration. According to The New York Times, the results last about 24 hours before the saline solution is absorbed into the blood. Because of its short shelf life, some patients seek the injections as a way to preview how they would appear after surgery. Others undergo the procedure before a special occasion to temporarily enhance their appearance, since the procedure is only a fraction of the price and void of any major commitment. However, the safety and effectiveness of the procedure is questionable.

Saline injections, while a convenient way to enlarge a patient’s breasts for a short period of time, are awaiting approval for several reasons. Although these types of procedures are often considered risk-free, no such treatment exists. Daniel Mills, M.D. told Yahoo Health that, as with all injections, infection and blood pooling under the skin are safety concerns that should not go overlooked. Plus, the procedure could cause stretching of the skin which, when the breast returns to its normal size, could alter its shape and support. Other concerns include interference with mammograms, which could prevent proper diagnosis of serious health issues.

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