Woman in profile - Rhinoplasty articleRhinoplasty enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose.

The slope of the nose, projection of the chin and jaw definition all need to work together to achieve facial harmony, i.e., a balance among all your facial features. A surgical procedure often called a “nose job,”Rhinoplasty addresses issues of the nose.

What Rhinoplasty Can Do

Rhinoplasty surgery can change:

  • Nose size in relation to facial balance
  • Nose width at the bridge or in the size and position of the nostrils
  • Nose profile with visible humps or depressions on the bridge
  • Nasal tip that is enlarged or bulbous, drooping, upturned or hooked
  • Nostrils that are large, wide, or upturned
  • Nasal asymmetry

If you want a more symmetrical nose, keep in mind that everyone’s face is uneven to some degree. Results may not be completely symmetric, although the goal is to create facial balance and correct proportion.

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Rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum

Nose surgery that’s done to improve an obstructed airway requires careful evaluation of the nasal structure as it relates to airflow and breathing. Correction of a deviated septum, one of the most common causes of breathing impairment, is achieved by adjusting the nasal structure to produce better alignment.

The “Nonsurgical Nose Job”

For several of my patients, I’ve used Injectable fillers, such as hyaluronic acid-based Restylane and Juvéderm, to correct minor imperfections. Please note that this is a temporary fix for problems such as minor asymmetry, depressions, and bumps. The fillers need to be redone routinely just like any other fillers. Only surgery yields permanent results.

Are you a good candidate for Rhinoplasty

You may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty if:

  • Your facial growth is complete
  • You are physically healthy
  • You don’t smoke
  • You have a positive outlook and realistic goals in mind for the improvement of your appearance

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