RhinoplastyMany people come to me for rhinoplasty, a nose job, because their nose is too big or they have a bump. But, did you know that a bulbous tip brings people in to me and other plastic surgeons just as often?

Not heard the term bulbous tip?

It refers to a nose that has a round end that, many times, may lack definition and looks like a ball on the tip of the nose. People complain this distracts from their face, drawing too much unwanted attention to it. Rhinoplasty is a good way to make the rounded areas straighter and the tip narrower.

A bit about Rhinoplasty for a bulbous tip

It is important to understand that this surgery requires an in-depth understanding of what caused the broad nasal tip and the best tools and techniques for reshaping it. Some of the more important factors to take into consideration are the thickness of the individual’s skin, racial characteristics and strength of the cartilage.

Refined and improved procedures focus on techniques that do not remove a lot of tissue since this can result in destabilization, an unnatural appearance and even pinching. Instead, the preferred method I use reorients the part of the nose that contributes to the undesired appearance.


  • Rhinoplasty for bulbous tip has three major goals:
  • narrow the tip
  • bring it into balance with the bridge
  • blend it into the surrounding facial features

Don’t like your nose and want to lose that bulbous tip?

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