quality vs priceYou heard about a new flat screen TV, do some online shopping, and then go to a big box store to look at them. What do you buy? The cheapest? The most expensive? The one the salesperson raves about? The one that looks best to you?

Some people make decisions strictly based on price, and many of them may be disappointed when they get their new purchase home and the images they see aren’t quite as sharp as what they saw at the store. Others are convinced the more they pay, the better their decision, only to feel they overpaid. Ultimately, there is a balance between quality and price.

Choosing a plastic surgeon

What does buying a TV have to do with selecting a plastic surgeon? A lot, as it turns out. Do you want to go to the least expensive and wonder what are you getting? Or, would you be better off doing your homework, reading reviews, checking with board certifying agencies, seeing before/after photos, and talking to friends who have had experience and positive outcomes?

Know before you go…

As a board certified plastic surgeon, I strongly believe you should know your surgeon and his or her experience before you decide on a surgeon. Whether you come to me or one of my colleagues, it’s important you have a good experience before and after your procedure. I spend a great deal of time in surgery doing revisions to less successful outcomes performed by others.

How to decide

Here’s a quick way to think about quality vs price: if you were choosing a surgeon for your parent/child/best friend, who would you select? That’s who you want for yourself!

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Lawrence Iteld, MD