In pre-surgical consultations, I am often asked “will I have a bad scar.” As a plastic surgeon, I work hard at making incisions as small as possible and placing them in the least visible places. But, there is another important component—scar management. We provide instructions in how to reduce scars. And now, with summer right around the corner, it becomes even more critical for patients to protect their visible scars from the sun.

In general, I really like these two products for post-surgical scar management.

bioCorneum®+ is the first and only scar treatment with SFP30 cleared by the FDA. It’s application dries quickly to form an invisible, water–resistant flexible silicone sheet that helps prevent abnormal scarring after surgery. Other benefits include that it softens and flattens raised scars, reduces redness and discoloration. Patients report that it relieves itch and discomfort associated with scar healing.

Many of my patients are also benefiting from using Lytera® Skin Brightening Complex. It’s appropriate for all skin types and improves overall skin condition and overall skin tone. Best of all, I find that it reduces the appearance of skin discolorations.

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Lawrence Iteld, MD