Important tips for post-op tips plastic surgery from Iteld Plastic Surgery, ChicagoWe’re so glad you’ve decided to trust us with your plastic surgery needs. Before your procedure, we give lots of information about what to do before surgery and what to expect. Now, we would like to point out four things for your post-op plastic surgery recovery:

  1. Follow our instructions: You’ll probably feel better than you expected. And, that’s really great! Many patients think that, just because they feel well, they don’t need to follow our instructions. But, beware! Just because you feel great, your body is not ready for what your mind thinks it is. PLEASE, follow all our post-op advice. If that means resting up in bed instead of hitting the shops or partying with friends and family, so be it. Overdoing might cause some complications like infection, bleeding and delayed healing.
  2. Healing eating: Now is the time to embrace the concept of “you are what you eat.” It is definitely not the time to be indulging in lots of junk food, no matter how good it tastes. Eat right to feel right. Get started on this during your pre-op preparations and you will be grateful you made the effort. Several of my patients make their healthy food before their surgery and freeze individual portions so they don’t have to cook while recovering. Of course, there are lots of delivery services from grocery stores, markets, and restaurants.
  3. Move it! Neither lying around like a sloth nor running a marathon are recommended. But take a light walk may be right for you. Gentle walking can help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and also help get and keep those bowels moving. I know. It’s still really cold out. So, consider having a friend drive you to the mall and gently walk, don’t shop. Or go to the gym for a slow stroll on the treadmill. Just remember, the key word here is “Gentle!”
  4. A helping hand: You cannot be alone following surgery. Help at home is a necessity for those first few post-op days. Let someone help you, no matter how mundane the task. A reminder to take your medication. Someone to answer your phone while you’re napping. A quick trip to the drugstore. Heating up your food. Driving you to your follow up appointments.

Speaking of follow up appointments

Attend all your follow up appointments! Your post-op appointments with us are an integral part to your recovery. This is where we can identify any issues no matter how large or small, and you can voice any questions or concerns.

Always here for you

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Lawrence Iteld, MD