Out-Of-Town Patients

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We welcome patients from around the world

Our practice attracts patients from near and far. Conveniently located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, Dr. Iteld performs surgery at various surgical facilities in the area. We are experienced in accommodating patient and family travel needs.

In three easy steps we can often eliminate the need to make more than one trip here for your procedure(s):

Three easy steps

Virtual Consultation

It starts with our virtual consultation. Just complete the form on this page and we’ll take it from there. Our patient coordinator will contact you to help you set up your online patient forms, send us your photos, and schedule your consultation time with Dr. Iteld. Using either FaceTime or Skype, he will review your medical history, discuss your surgical goals and concerns, and help you determine the best way for you to achieve your desired results.

You will be informed about recovery time, risks and limitations associated with surgery. Surgical costs will also be provided. Our practice provides financing options for patients, and we would be happy to review those with you.

Procedure Scheduling & Pre-Operative Care

After speaking with us and you decide to proceed with your procedure(s), a few e-mails will take care of the rest of the necessary information. Once the surgery date and pre-op date (usually a day or two before surgery) have been confirmed by you and our office, payment options will be discussed.

If you desire, we can help you with hotel accommodations, nurses to help after the surgery, etc., so that everything is arranged prior to your arrival. Once in Chicago for your pre-op visit, we will have paper work for you to review and fill out. Dr. Iteld will perform your final in-person examination and discuss any additional items remaining from your virtual consult in great detail with you. We will then review any necessary paperwork and you are ready to go!

Post-Operative Care

The length of recovery time can vary for each procedure and patient. Dr. Iteld will discuss with you the appropriate time needed for your specific procedure. Our patient coordinator will work with your schedule to make your post-op visits as convenient and easy as possible.

Upon your return home we will continue to follow-up with you. We also ask that you continue to keep in contact with us via e-mail. And, we will gladly have virtual follow-up appointments with you once you return home, on the same schedule as we see our local patients.

When you return to Chicago, please visit us again. We love to see our patients as often as possible.

I want to come to Chicago for my procedures

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