Patient-Controlled Pain Management for Chicago-Area Patients

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Patient-Controlled Pain Management for Chicago-Area Patients

Even if you’re looking forward to seeing improvements to your appearance, cosmetic treatments can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s very common for patients to feel nervous before having work done, but nerves can be calmed. With Pro-Nox® at our Chicago office, Lawrence Iteld, MD, provides a nitrous oxide delivery system that enables patients to prolong their comfort throughout many cosmetic treatments while also allowing them to feel more in control.

This advanced analgesia system is a safe, effective form of sedation that makes cosmetic procedures much easier and more tolerable for patients—without the need for injections or IVs. Pro-Nox® reduces anxiety and provides pain relief during an extensive range of aesthetic procedures. In other words, you can get the results you want without having to worry about physical or mental discomfort.

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How Does Pro-Nox® Work?

The Pro-Nox® gas is a combination of 50 percent oxygen and 50 percent nitrous oxide. This Pro-Nox® blend takes effect as soon as it has been inhaled via a small tube that the patient holds and controls, because the molecules reach the bloodstream very quickly. A patient simply needs to take a few normal breaths and let the nitrous oxide do its work. Nitrous oxide, which is also referred to as “laughing gas,” is commonly employed in dentistry and has been used by medical professionals for centuries. It is a clear, odorless gas that has the effect of creating a relaxing, euphoric sensation, so it’s frequently used as a mild sedative.

It works by slowing the central nervous system, thereby delaying the responses of your brain and inhibiting pain receptors. Some patients describe nitrous oxide as causing a tingling, light-headed, or numbing sensation.

The oxygen the mix contains helps to get rid of any of the strong chemicals that might otherwise linger in your system, as well as prevent associated headaches. Although Pro-Nox® is not a replacement for anesthesia, it can be used together with and enhances the effects of local anesthetics.

Dr. Iteld, long a proponent of narcotics-free recovery, is a fan of this option for his patients, because each person experiences pain differently. The great thing about the Pro-Nox® system is that you are able to control the quantity of the mixture you receive and can adjust it to a higher or lower dosage anytime during the procedure, based on how much pain relief or soothing you want. Unlike general anesthesia, Pro-Nox® doesn’t put you to sleep. You will still be able to communicate normally throughout your procedure.

One of the major advantages of having Pro-Nox® is that the effects wear off very quickly once the treatment is over and you stop inhaling the gas. You will feel completely alert and awake, be able to drive yourself back home once about 10 minutes have passed after the procedure, and can return to your normal activities right away without any downtime or serious side effects.

In rare cases, some patients have short-term side effects such as dizziness, nausea, or headaches after Pro-Nox®, but we will be sure to help you with any such issues should they occur.

Which Treatments Pair Well with Pro-Nox®?

Though it can be used for almost any treatment that causes discomfort or stress, Pro-Nox® is best suited for minimally invasive or non-surgical procedures. Occasionally, it can be used for longer procedures. It is typically used as a pain relief method for injectables like neurotoxins and fillers, nonsurgical fat reduction techniques, and skin tightening treatments. These include: