With the Newest Muscle-Relaxing Injectable, You Can Smooth Frown Lines for Especially Long- Lasting Results at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

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With the Newest Muscle-Relaxing Injectable, You Can Smooth Frown Lines for Especially Long- Lasting Results at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery

We all love having smooth, wrinkle-free faces. For years, the solution has been Botox, and a few other muscle relaxing treatments, such as Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin. But haven’t you wished they would last longer? After all, we love seeing you every three months for your Botox treatment, but we also understand you’re busy and want a solution that would last longer.

Wait no more! Daxxify (formerly called Daxi) is available at Chicago’s Iteld Plastic Surgery and is excellent at relaxing the muscles responsible for these visible signs of aging, known as dynamic wrinkles. Results are long lasting, with studies showing that the effects can potentially provide a more youthful look for about twice as long as Botox and the other neuromodulators. 

That’s right! One treatment of Daxxify lasts up to six months compared to just three months with Botox. It means you would only need TWO injectable treatments of Daxxify a year to maintain the results you love.

Considering how Daxxify is so effective at treating unwanted facial lines, it may become your go-to wrinkle reducing treatment.

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How Daxxify Works

Although Daxxify is one of the newest cosmetic treatments available, neuromodulators are not new to the world of medicine or aesthetics. The muscle- relaxing injectables have long been used to help patients with spasticity problems because the active ingredient—botulinum toxin—is ideal for blocking nerve signals that trigger contractions.

When injected into specific muscles, Daxxify curbs contractions there. That means you can scowl all you want and not worry about your skin folding into telltale frown lines (though if you want to scowl a lot, we encourage you to figure out a way to improve your mood).

The effects develop within a few days of the injections, and they can last for up to six months. That means patients can maintain a smoother, more youthful appearance with only two Daxxify treatments a year. Similar injectables typically wear off after three to four months.

Results and Recovery After Daxxify Injections

Injecting Daxxify takes only minutes, so you can come in for an appointment and be done in the amount of time (or less) it would take you to get lunch. Since there are no side effects that would require rest or recuperation, you can return to almost all your regularly scheduled activities right away— just like you’d be able to do after a lunch break.

We’re not encouraging you to skip lunch for a Daxxify session! We’re just saying it’s fast and convenient.

Avoid the gym for about 24 hours in order to keep your heart rate low so the active ingredients can settle in properly, and avoid hot tubs or other hot environments, alcohol, and pushing on the treatment area (whether with your hands, pillows, or anything else) for the same amount of time. You don’t have to remember all this right now. We will remind you of these tips to maximize your results at the time of your appointment.

You will likely see some slight bruising or redness and may also feel tenderness or discomfort after your injections. There’s no need to do anything about these effects, as they will shortly go away by themselves. Soon after that—after two or three days—you should see a noticeable change between your brows. Enjoy the loss of your 11’s for six months or so! Once you notice the frown lines beginning to return, contact us about scheduling a new Daxxify treatment session.

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Daxxify FAQs

If you are an adult who wants to address your frustrating frown lines, you will pretty much an ideal candidate for the treatment. Our team works with you, starting at a personalized consultation, to go over your medical history and establish your cosmetic goals to make sure Daxxify truly is the best treatment option for your specific goals.

Some patients may get better results from a different neuromodulator—such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, or Jeuveau—or perhaps a filler to add volume in places where collagen loss has created creases. No matter what, our goal is to pair you with the treatment or procedure that safely and effectively gives you the results you are seeking.