Woman taking a SelfieIf something bothers you, now is the time to change it. After all, why not love what you see in your selfies?! We believe in helping you look on the outside the way you feel about yourself on the inside, to be the outer expression of your inner self.

Bigger, better breasts

So your friends have great cleavage and you don’t. Come on in and, with our Vectra 3D imaging, let us show you how you could look with breast augmentation.

No man boobs

Guys: If you don’t want to take off your t-shirt (or even wear one) around your friends, maybe it’s because your “man boobs” are embarrassing. Time to talk with us about gynecomastia. This procedure removes excess fat and tissue and gives you a more natural sculpted chest.

Fine tune your bod

Have a bulge here or there? Just want a smoother silhouette but don’t want to give up your free time spending it recovering from surgery? Easy! Fine tune your body while you’re out enjoying your life with CoolSculpting® —the FDA-cleared way to freeze away unwanted fat using controlled cooling to safely target diet- and exercise-resistant fat.

This fantastic technique keeps expanding approved treatment areas. Currently, we are treating  back fat, bra bulge, belly fat, love handles, inner and outer thighs, and chin.

Men and women CoolSculpting results are proven and noticeable, so you’ll look and feel great from every angle. Imagine how you too can fine tune your bod to look hot!

Pucker up

Want bigger and fuller lips? Let us augment them for you. We use Juvéderm® to create natural, sexy fullness to your lips.

This is also a great treatment for patients whose lips don’t cover their gums when smiling. Very beautiful smiles indeed!

Customized Solutions…love your selfies!

You are unique and want solutions that meet your specific needs—that’s what we offer. Contact my patient coordinators at info@driteld.com to schedule a confidential consultation or call 312.757.4505.


Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, our offices are a warm, friendly and comfortable place to share your wants, needs and concerns.

Lawrence Iteld, MD