Look better; you could like the way you look!I am often asked what I think someone should do to look better, but that’s the wrong question. The correct one is “What do you think would make you look better or feel better about yourself, about the way you look?”

Think about it: everyone has something they just don’t like about how they look. They may or may not tell even their closest friends. But, they look in the mirror and aren’t happy. Or even worse, someone else takes and posts a photo of them that exaggerates their “flaw.” Everyone else loves the photo; they hate it!

Feel terrific about how you look

You want a breast procedure, tummy tuck, lipo, Brazilian Butt Lift, CoolSculpting®, or other body contouring procedure? Great! Thank you for your confidence. Once I’ve done my part in helping you refine your body, it’s your turn to keep looking great. It’s very important that once you heal from your procedure(s), you  exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

Decided to have a bit of work done on your face? Whether you choose a surgical, minimally invasive or nonsurgical injectables/fillers service, your skin deserves a great ongoing skin care regimen. Talk with my staff about which products may work best for you.

And, water! It’s your body’s best friend! Drinking water flushes out toxins while it improves skin complexion. It also promotes weight loss and increases energy.

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Lawrence Iteld, MD