I believe it is important to look your best and that’s what we are celebrating this month. Everyone deserves to feel great about how they look. For some people, this is easy and natural. But, for many others, it takes a bit of work.

What it takes to look your best

Patients often come to me and say “What do you think I need?” It’s not a matter of what I think, but rather what they are unhappy about and what they want to change/improve to feel good about themselves. So, I work with my patients to help them identify what bothers them, and then find the best solution to meet their goals.

What we can accomplish

I can’t change your basic architecture. You know what I mean. If you’re tall, I can’t make you short; or if you’re short, I can’t make you tall. If you have a large frame, petite is not in your future, and vice versa. But within the constraints of who you are, we work together to maximize and refine your assets!

My approach

I believe you should look on the outside the way they feel about yourself on the inside. If you feel vibrant on the inside, let the outside match it. If you feel young, don’t let signs of aging slow you down! If something bothers you about the way you look, don’t wait any longer! Now is the time to fix it.

Customized solutions to look your best

There is no one solution for looking your best. Instead, I offer a wide range of solutions—from skin care products to nonsurgical options to surgical procedures. Oftentimes, a combination of several is the right approach for patients to achieve the look they seek. No cookie cutter formula; instead, customized solutions!

Find out more

I’m here to help make that happen for you. Contact my patient coordinators at info@driteld.com to schedule a confidential consultation or call 312.757.4505.


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Lawrence Iteld, MD