lipo fat removal

Liposuction, referred to as liposculpture or simply as lipo, surgically removes fat from the body and effectively re-shapes the specific area. The procedure may be performed under general, regional, or even local anesthesia. Did you know that in the U.S., Lipo is the second most commonly performed cosmetic procedure?

Why Lipo

Lipo is not a substitute for dieting and exercise. It is a shaping procedures; not a weight loss one. Instead, I perform it to eliminate localized buildups of fatty tissue and improve the contour of trouble areas. This effectively complements the progress my patients make from having a healthy lifestyle.

Lipo for Women

Women have embraced Lipo for a long time. Year after year, it continues to be in the top five surgical procedures women undergo. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, last year, nearly 275,000 Lipo procedures were performed on women, second only to breast augmentation. That’s a lot of fat reduction and body sculpting.

Lipo for Men

Men are catching on to the benefits of Lipo as well, helping them achieve the slimmer, more toned appearance they desire. Some of the most common regions in which males experience a buildup of stubborn fat as they age include the abdomen, hips, chest, and below the chin. The good news is that Lipo can be the solution they seek for these areas of concern.

And, although they have far fewer plastic surgical procedures than women, in 2017, Lipo was #1 for men, with over 31,000 procedures performed nationwide.

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