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When a patient said “I’m addicted but in a good way,” I was concerned about what she meant. After all, by now you know I’m opposed to using narcotics in my practice unless absolutely necessary. I believe in providing equivalent or better pain control than relying on opioids,and offer a better patient experience. I have also found that not only do patients have less pain with narcotics-free procedures, they also have faster recoveries.

So, what exactly did she mean? She was referring to her routine of coming to our practice for nonsurgical services, skincare products, and procedures! She’s a middle-aged woman who looks 10 – 15 years younger than her biological age. She’s trim, eats (mostly) right, works out, and takes good care of herself. Here’s her “addiction” routine:

Botox and fillers, please

She is religious about getting her Botox every three months. It keeps away the wrinkles and gives her a refreshed look without her seeming pulled or alarmed.

A touch up with fillers rids her face of some unwanted aging lines and fills in hollowed out areas, and then she’s good to go. She’s not on a fixed timetable for these; we schedule her whenever she feels it’s time.

Freeze that away!

Just like the rest of us, she has pockets of fat that just won’t go away. So, she comes in for CoolSculpting treatments. Sometimes, she’ll schedule multiple areas; at others, she may only do one area at a time. But, she believes (and we agree!) CoolSculpting is a great option in keeping her looking her best.

“I love Alastin!”

As with most of my patients, she’s used many different commercially available skincare products. When my practice switched over to Alastin, she was willing to try, but not convinced it would be better than her previous choices. It only took about two weeks for her to order a backup supply. She’s discovered that Alastin’s Skin Nectar is perfect for her skin no matter the time of year, weather, or what else she’s using. She also loves Alastin’s Restorative Skin Complex and Restorative Eye Treatment. She plans to try and add more Alastin products to her daily routine.

Time for surgery

Oh, those saggy eyelids were really bothering her. Easy fix! An upper eye blepharoplasty, with minimal downtime, had her whole face looking younger and fresher. And, here’s the best part: no one knew she had surgery, just that she looked terrific!

Keep Aging at Bay

For this patient, maintaining a more youthful, refreshed appearance is important. She really does want the world to see her as she envisions herself.

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