Plastic surgery and nonsurgical options for 20something year olds at Chicago's board certified plastic surgeon Lawrence Iteld, MD

Welcome to your 20s! You’ve made it through your teens; most of your school years are in your rear view mirror; and you’re on your way to your career and the rest of your adult life. Now is the perfect time to start investigating the possibilities of services and procedures available for you.

Reunion Ahead

Oh no! Is your 5- or 10-year high school reunion coming up? So you went shopping with your BFFs and nothing fit right. Yikes! What are you going to do?! What bothered you in high school, maybe even what others teased you about, is still a problem. It doesn’t have to be that way! We have solutions to help:

Breast surgical options for all

Too small? You’ve seen those photos in your social media feeds and you just don’t want that “I’ve got melons under my dress” look. That’s not what I’m suggesting. When talking about breast augmentation, I use several techniques for placing implants and I am pleased to offer hundreds of different combinations of sizes and shaped implants to give you the look you want. This is also true when women have uneven sized breasts for balancing them so you won’t have to stuff your bra anymore. Plus, with Vectra 3-D imaging, you’ll see how you’ll look while deciding on your implant choices before your surgery.

Too big? Jokes aside, having large, heavy breasts bother women. So, it may be time for breast reduction surgery. And, then walk into your reunion with people looking at how good you look instead of staring at your chest.

Breast surgery is not just for women. Men who have “man boobs” and spent a big part of their youths hiding or just embarrassed, have an option too—Gynecomastia—surgery for male breast reduction. Go ahead: wear that great looking shirt you’ve always wanted but shied away from fear of exposure! It really will look great now.

Butt what?!

Been feeling butt-less no matter how much you work out? This should no longer pose a problem for you since we have butt augmentation surgical options, which include implants and fat transfer.

What a nose!

You thought about it, but for whatever reason, your parents said no to reshaping your nose! Now you’re an adult and on your own; only you have to decide whether Rhinoplasty (a nose job) is right for you. By balancing the size and shape of your nose, the surgery enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose.

Party Season

So you don’t have a reunion or aren’t interested in surgery, but events are coming up—engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, holiday parties, winter vacations, and more. You need a quick solution to look your best, and fortunately, we have a nonsurgical options for you:

  • Pump up your lips with dermal fillers for that perfect selfie pucker.
  • Acne scars? Talk with us about eTwo™ skin rejuvenation.
  • Seeing your first wrinkles or want to prevent them before they start? Some of my patients in their 20s elect to have BOTOX® injectable treatments before wrinkles take over their beautiful faces.
  • A bulge of fat here or there? No problem! CoolSculpting is the nonsurgical  proven fat reduction body sculpting technique. 

What will make you happy?

It’s all about getting your body and face in balance. Please contact my patient coordinators at or call 312.757.4505 to schedule a confidential consultation.

This is the second in a series of blogs I am posting discussing surgical and nonsurgical options for patients as we age. After all, we all want to look are best…no matter how young or old we are.


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