Caryle Johnson - Patient Coordinator

If you’ve called or come into the office, you’ve most probably interacted with Caryle Johnson, our Patient Coordinator extraordinaire!

Caryle brings 20 years of experience to our practice. In 2014, she joined the team after a long tenure working for the late Dr. Rodger Wade Pielet. She is a genuine, detailed-oriented person who thrives on patient interaction, and believes in the greater good of safety, completeness and efficiency in all she does.

She is well-spoken, listens and communicates with great diversity to address the variety of different patient needs. A true patient educator, Caryle advocates for all patients so that they have outstanding experiences and achieve realistic outcomes. Read more about Caryle.

High Praise for Caryle

As one of Dr. Pielet’s former patients and now our patient says,

“Caryle made me feel very comfortable every time I walked into Dr. Pielet’s office, and I am so pleased to see her and know that I am getting the same level of caring with Dr. Iteld.”

The Value of a Great Patient Coordinator

As a plastic surgeon, it is important to you that I have great skills in and out of the operating room. It is equally important that I am surrounded by talented, caring people who provide you with the support you need.

When you select a plastic surgeon, you want both! Without a great staff, I wouldn’t have what I need to do my job well, and you wouldn’t have the awesome care you need and deserve.

Team Work!

That’s what we are all about. We are YOUR team and, in so many ways, Caryle is the one who keeps us all moving in the right direction to provide you—the patient—with what makes your experience in our practice the best it can be.

Here for You

Please feel free to call Caryle Johnson, patient coordinator at 312.757.4505 with any of your questions or concerns or send an email to her to


Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, our offices are a warm, friendly and comfortable place to share your wants, needs and concerns.

Lawrence Iteld, MD