Butt AugmentationYou’ve heard about a Brazilian Butt Lift, often called a BBL, but do you really know about it? Here is a quick primer on butt augmentation surgery.

What is Butt Augmentation?

Butt augmentation refers to a variety of procedures designed to improve the butt’s appearance. It can involve a lift, butt implants, or—most commonly used these days—fat injections and grafting-best known as a BBL.

Butt lift surgery can tighten and lift loose or sagging skin that no amount of exercise seems to fix. A successful Brazilian Butt Lift will give you a bigger, rounder butt worthy of showing off.

Who wants a BBL?

Patients who want a BBL can have a variety of shape issues with their butts. Their butt may have become flat, saggy or deflated after weight loss or, just the reverse, their butts are too full and large but uneven. Or, they may have a really small butt and clothing just doesn’t look right given the current fashion trend. Overall, a BBL aims to enhance the butt’s size and shape.

Properly done, a Brazilian Butt Lift should give you a well balanced, bigger butt.

How is a BBL done?

When BBLs were first introduced to the cosmetic patient public, implants were the best option. Similar to breast augmentation implants, butt implants can be placed over or under the muscle. Today, implants are usually used if you don’t have enough fat and struggle to gain weight. The fat transfer techniques used in BBLs offer a natural option since it uses your own fat. This is a three-step process of harvesting, processing and reinjecting the fat.

I extract the desired body fat via liposuction from other areas of the body- such as tummy, back, arms, and legs

We process the harvested fat to remove broken fat cells (oil) and non-fat fluids

Only the best donor fat cells are used. I reinject the fat under the skin and above your muscle to safely achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results.

How long do the BBL results last?

When your own fat is used for a butt lift, it’s important to note that your body will naturally reabsorb and eliminate some of the injected fat. You can expect about 50-60% of the injected fat to stay in your butt area. The reinjected fat cells will behave like the rest of the fat in your body and will be susceptible to weight changes. Maintaining your weight will help you have the best, long lasting results following a BBL.

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