Beautiful bright eyesThere are several reasons people look tired or older around the eyes. Some have a condition known as a tear trough—an indentation that starts at the inner corner of the eye and continues to just above the cheek, creating a hollow and dark shadow that makes their eyes appear tired even if they aren’t. Wrinkles don’t help either in the fight to stay young looking. But, worry not; there are solutions!

Here are some nonsurgical fixes to help you get and maintain bright eyes:


If dark circles make you look tired or a tear trough is creating hollows under your eyes, consider injectable fillers. If you have eyelid issues that don’t necessitate surgery, I am often able to achieve excellent results using Hyaluronic acid injectables, such as Juvéderm® and Restylane®, to fill depressions and eliminate shadows. Natural-looking results are often achieved after just one appointment, and the effects may last from six months to a year.

Another option is fat injections, where I take a small amount of fat from your abdomen, inner thighs or hips. Fat is longer lasting the Hyaluronic acid fillers, but is more involved since I have to harvest the fat.

Relax the Muscles

Since muscle movements around the eyes are the main cause of crow’s feet, minimizing movement with Botox® is another technique that helps alleviate the lines. My patients love the results of their Botox® treatments, reporting that they look refreshed but not frozen!

Brighten the Darkness

Another cause of a tired appearance is if you have dark pigmentation under your eyes. One solution for this may be a great eye cream, such as Skin Medica’s “TNS Eye Repair” for firmer and brighter skin around your eyes.


My goal is have my patients’ outside appearance match how they feel on the inside, to be the physical expression of their inner self.

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Lawrence Iteld, MD