Bikini TimeIt’s almost bikini time, and you wish you could fill them out better, don’t you? Great! If you’ve been thinking about breast augmentation but don’t want to miss out on the summer, worry not!

It’s easier than you think

Breast augmentation procedures have gotten much easier for patients than you might think.

New surgical techniques help make the whole process faster. And, during surgery, I frequently use a unique long-lasting anesthetic, EXPAREL®, that provides relief for 48-72 hours after surgery. This gets you over the proverbial “hump.” The concept is that when your pain is adequately controlled, you can more quickly and easily get around. By the time the drug is fully absorbed, you are well on your way to being able to handle any residual discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Quick Recovery

Since you’ll get over the initial post-op discomfort fast, you’ll find that there is minimal downtime and you’re in a bathing suit that much faster.

Oh wait! First, you’ll have to go shopping since your new beautiful breasts won’t fit into those old suits. Won’t it be amazing to love the way you look as you try on all those fantastic bikinis you’ve always wanted but never bought?

Decisions. Decisions.

You’re ready! Now, we’ll work together to determine want you want in terms of size and shape and what will work best for you. It’s a process in we which make decisions about implant type, as well as placement based on your breast tissue measurements. After all, you want to achieve the most aesthetic and long-lasting results.

Talk with Us

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Lawrence Iteld, MD