Male patient getting CoolSculptingAn older man came into my office with his wife and he became a “new” patient! It was a bigger surprise to him than to us, and it’s an interesting story to share.

What brought our new patient to the practice

His wife has been an injectable patient for many years and recently had a couple of surgical procedures. He brought her to the office for her pre- and post-surgical appointments and, while here, he saw our CoolSculpting banner. Curious, he asked about it. This is a man who has never expressed any interest in any cosmetic procedures, but CoolSculpting really intrigued him. After all, getting rid of fat without surgery and no downtime is very appealing. We did a complimentary consultation and he scheduled his sessions.

One Area Became Three

He started thinking he wanted to do just one area as a test. Then he said that, as long as he was going to try CoolSculpting, he wanted to treat three areas. For his session, he came prepared with loose-fitting clothing, iPad and headphones. Each time Mandy, our CoolSculpting University trained technician, set up the machine and got him comfortably arranged with pillows and blanket, he was so relaxed, he fell asleep during the treatment.

More please

He has already scheduled time to treat additional areas. Why, you may be wondering? It’s because he found this an easy way to get rid of those stubborn fat bulges. He isn’t heavy; he eats right and works out. But…Anyway, CoolSculpting is working for him and he couldn’t be happier with his decision to do this. We are delighted he is happy and can’t wait to see his results.


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Lawrence Iteld, MD